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Learn to play Irish fiddle, Philip John Berthoud

Learn to play Irish fiddle, Philip John Berthoud
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studies and exercises
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Learn to play Irish fiddle
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Philip John Berthoud
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Tunes: Oh! those britches full of stitches ; The geese in the bog (jig) ; Old John's jig ; The bottle of brandy (jig) ; John Ryan's polka ; A Kerry polka ; The dusty miller (slip jig) ; The jolly beggarman (hornpipe) ; The flowing bowl (reel) ; Mis Downing's fancy (jig) ; The old Kilfenora jig ; The torn petticoat (slide) ; The blackthorn stick (jig) ; Comb your hair and curl it (slip jig) ; Bonnie Kate (reel) ; The ladies of Carrick (jig) ; Miss McLeod's reel ; Miss douglas (jig) ; Sheehan's reel ; The crock of gold (reel) ; Lady Ann Montgomery (reel) ; The lady on the island (reel) ; Cut it out again ; Denis Murphy's (reel) ; Cronin's hornpipe ; The rose in the heather (jig) ; Sergeant Early's dream (reel) ; The peacock follow the hen ; Delahunty's hornpipe ; Give us a drink of water (slip jig) ; Kerry slide ; The golden castle (hornpipe) ; The concert reel ; Father Kelly's (reel) ; The star of Munster (reel) ; The moving cloud (reel) ; The Sally Gardens (reel) ; The broken pledge (reel) ; The wheels of the world (reel) ; The high road to Linton (reel)
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